About GemVal Gemstones & Jewellery Valuations

What I do

I am an independent valuer of jewellery and gemstones, this is the extent of what I do. I do not buy or sell jewellery and I do not act for any insurance companies.

My range of jewellery valuations includes:

  1. Jewellery Valuation For Insurance
  2. Deceased Estate
  3. Proof Of Ownership
  4. Divorce Settlement
  5. Retail Values
  6. Loss Assessment
  7. Gemmology

Type of items evaluated

The range of items I evaluate is quite extensive; from raw gemstones prior to any cutting, pearls and through the range of rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, brooches to antique Chalices.

If you are unsure whether the type of item you have can be valued, just contact me and I can happily assess for you.

About Me – Chris Evans

  1. You are my client and as such it is you that I perform my tasks for exclusively.
  2. I have always had a love of jewellery and an interest in gemstones.
  3. For many years my family and I have spent many holidays and long weekends at the gem-fields in Central Queensland, way out in the bush at a place called Tomahawk Creek. The Central Queensland fields are where most of Australian Sapphires originate. Other precious stones like zircon, ruby and diamonds are found there.
  4. Looking somewhat like the "Klampets" we stay in a bush hut (solar power, rainwater and gas fridges), dig huge holes or walk for miles hoping to find that elusive “jackpot” of a stone, generally known as fossicking. We really love it.
  5. We have also travelled extensively to faraway places like The Harts Ranges in the Northern Territory and close to Alice Springs where the most beautifully coloured zircons, garnets and many other rare and unusual gemstones are found.
  6. From this hobby developed an interest in gemstone faceting, jewellery design (I have designed most of my own jewellery) and gemmology; which led me to the Gemmological Association of Australia (GAA).
  7. As a result of acquiring quite a lot of items of jewellery, as the proceeds of fossicking, I am aware of the need to have these items valued by a certified, registered valuer, of which we, in Mackay and the surrounding districts, are sadly lacking, so I decided to increase my knowledge even more and complete the Certificate IV in Gemmology to enable myself to become a certified and registered valuer.
  8. This sounds easy but in reality the task was huge, living in Mackay and learning by distance is not easy in itself, but the gemmology course went much further in-depth than I had imagined at the beginning. I kept going because the subject was fascinating.
  9. I passed the Certificate IV with Credit, have a Diamond Grading Certificate and have since completed a Certified Appraisal Course.
  10. I am now entitled to use the letters FGAA and RGA after my name, of which I am very proud.
  11. Now I can help you by performing a valuation on your precious items of value, by providing you with a scientific analysis using my knowledge of the techniques of manufacture and the ability to separate natural and synthetic gemstones.
  12. GemVal gemstone and jewellery valuations provide a comprehensive jewellery and appraisal service for private clients.
  13. This appraisal practice is focused exclusively on preparing identification and valuation reports for unset gemstones and jewellery.
  14. I do not accept remuneration from Insurance Companies, Brokers, Lawyers or any other associated industries. By strictly adhering to this policy I remain totally independent, unbiased and objective. When you bring your precious items to me for valuation, I work exclusively for you my client.