About GemVal Gemstones & Jewellery Valuations

What we do

We are independent valuers of jewellery and gemstones, this is the extent of what we do. We do not buy or sell jewellery and we do not act for any insurance companies.

Our range of jewellery valuations includes:

  1. Jewellery Valuation For Insurance
  2. Deceased Estate
  3. Proof Of Ownership
  4. Divorce Settlement
  5. Retail Values
  6. Loss Assessment
  7. Gemmology

Type of items evaluated

The range of items we evaluate is quite extensive; from unset gemstones, pearls and opals and through the range of rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, brooches to antique Chalices.

If you are unsure whether the type of item you have can be valued, just contact us and we can happily assess it for you.

About Me – Chris Evans

You are my client and as such it is you that I perform my tasks for exclusively. I have always had a love of jewellery and an interest in gemstones.

For many years my family and I have spent many holidays and long weekends at the gem-fields in Central Queensland, way out in the bush at a place called Tomahawk Creek. The Central Queensland fields are where most of Australian Sapphires originate. Other precious stones like zircon, ruby and diamonds are found there.

After being in the business of gemstone and jewellery valuing for ten years now, I have been privileged to see many glorious and unusual pieces of jewellery, some really stunning gemstones, a beautiful chalice from one of the local churches and even what someone thought was a dinosaur egg! I sometimes feel very humble that people are willing to put their trust in me by bringing their most precious of items. I make sure to repay that trust by never talking about objects and identifying the owner. Gemval has been a sponsor of the GemFest at Anakie for many years now. GemVal has been invited to be the on-site gemmologists at the biggest Gem Show in Australia known as the Gemboree which is being held in Rockhampton at Easter in 2019.

In November of 2015 my husband and I were able to fulfil one of my "bucket list". We went to Thailand on a tour of the gem markets. We travelled extensively going to the MyanMar border in the north and Chantaburi in the south. It was a fascinating and educational tour with an Australian Gemmologist and his Thai wife.

Next on the list, Western Australia, to Kununurra for the Argyle diamonds and down to Broome for the pearls.

One thing is for sure there is always something more to learn in this profession and it is so much fun doing the learning.

About Me – Janet Young

My interest in gemmology stems from my personal experience of the gem fields and the reward of digging and finding my own precious stones. Which was only made possible due to the unexpected pleasure of meeting Chris and Dave who helped in bringing this all about.

I earned my Gemmology Appraiser course and then did my Registered gemmologist appraiser course and thereby made a career change late in life into my dream job.

I have also completed the practical diamond grading course through the GAA (Gemmological Association of Australia).

I am extremely passionate about my work. I have since realised I have a life time of learning ahead of me as the dynamics of this industry changes and develops - so exciting!

Clients are welcome to relax in my lab, which is perfect to do my appraisals in as it has all the up to date equipment to better value your precious items, the pristine white walls do not interfere with the colour of your precious gemstones and diamonds. Or they may wish to browse the nearby shops until their valuation is complete.

GemVal gemstone and jewellery valuations provide a comprehensive jewellery and appraisal service for private clients.

This appraisal practice is focused exclusively on preparing identification and valuation reports for unset gemstones and jewellery.

We do not accept remuneration from Insurance Companies, Brokers, Lawyers or any other associated industries. By strictly adhering to this policy we remain totally independent, unbiased and objective. When you bring your precious items to us for valuations, we work exclusively for you our client.

We offer off street parking available, wheel chair access and are strictly by appointment only.

WE believe in one on one liaisons so ring us now! Call Chris: 0413452540 or Janet: 0408665896.