Your Appointment

The Appointment Process:

Upon your arrival we will discuss with you the items you have brought for valuation, the type of valuation you require and have a quick inspection of the items.

  1. Any damage or missing stones will be discussed and a note of details to appear on your valuation will be taken.

  2. Then into our Speedbrite Ionic Jewellery Cleaner go your precious items, so when they are returned to your safe keeping, they sparkle like new again. We feel that the ionic cleaner is a much more gentle way of cleaning jewellery than an ultrasonic cleaner. This allows us to clean such delicate stones as opal, emerald and turquoise; normally a “no-no” for jewellery cleaners.

  3. We will then proceed with the testing, measuring, grading and photography processes necessary to compile a certificate.

  4. This will take from 45 minutes per item.

  5. During this time you are welcome to relax in one of our comfortable lounge chairs, watch what is happening, ask any questions and partake of any of the free refreshments that we offer and have a chat with us whilst we work.

  6. Loss Assessment

  7. Although we usually take up to twelve photos of each item, only 2 – 4 appear on your Certificate. However, we do keep the rest on file, to help with identification or replacement, in the case of loss.

  8. At this stage we can return your jewellery to you and, if you want, you are free to leave. We will then compile your Certificate, which can take up to another hour, and make arrangements for the collection of the completed certificate, at a suitable time. If you live a long distance away the certificate can be posted to you.

  9. Of course, as long as we do not have a following appointment and you have the time, you can, if you wish, wait for the certificate to be completed before you leave.

  10. For the busy person who does not have time for this relaxing interlude, we offer a “same day service”, where you can drop your items in to us in the morning and collect them again in the afternoon.

  11. We do not keep anyone's precious items overnight, although under special circumstances we can arrange to have your items kept in a safe place while doing your appraisal.

Gemval Valuations – Chris Evans

Gemval Valuations – Janet Young