The Valuation Process

The Valuation Process:

  • 1. All gemstones are tested to verifiy their authenticity.
    A total of 3 different conclusive test results are required to confirm the identification of a gemstone.
    There are 4 main tests performed to reach a conclusion:
    — Refractometer
    — Specific Gravity (if the stone is unset)
    — Ultra Violet Light reaction
    — Microscope

  • 2. The item is cleaned, measured, and weighed.

  • 3. Photographed.

  • 4. On Jewellery items, all metals are tested for authenticity.

  • 5. The gemstones are graded for colour.

  • 6. The gemstones are graded for clarity, cutting and setting.

  • 7. The gemstones are then given an over-all grading from 1. (Commercial) to 10 (Extra Fine).

  • 8. The pricing is then finalised using an international pricing system (Gem Guide), approved by International Insurance Companies.

  • 9. The certificate is then produced and printed.

  • The records are kept on file for 7 years.

    More photographs are taken than those shown on each certificate and kept as a service to our clients, in case of loss or damage and replacement is required. The photographs are not taken only to make the items look pretty, they are also to show how the item has been constructed.

    We make these photographs available, with the owner's permission, to Police or Jewellers for identification or replacement.

    Gemval Gemstones and Jewellery Valuations

    Gemval Gemstones and Jewellery Valuations – Opal Ring